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Sources & References


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LegalUNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. LYNDON LaROUCHE, et alGov’t’s Response to LHL Motion for Reduction in Sentence – Part III1990/01/30Alexandria, Va. 
Pdf file  downloadable here (116 Kb)
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InternalPOLICY ON KEN KRONBERG SUICIDE  at (D. King)Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.Morning Briefing2007/04/18KEN KRONBERG‘s SUICIDE 
InternalOn the subject of our printing operationsLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.Morning Briefing2007/04/20KEN KRONBERG‘s SUICIDE 
PrivateLetter to Molly KronbergNancy Spannaus 2007/08/14KEN KRONBERG‘s SUICIDE 
InternalThe Life Of Our Nation, Of Our World, Depends On Getting The Homeowners And Bank Protection Act Rammed Through–Now!  at (D. King)Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.Morning Briefing2007/10/22KEN KRONBERG‘s SUICIDE 
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LaRouche Prop.The Crime of Marielle (Molly) Kronberg Defeats LaRouche’s HBPA in South Dakota Legislature  LPAC2009/02/20KEN KRONBERG‘s SUICIDE 
2004-2005 Printing Impressions Top 400  http://www.piworld.com2005/00/00Under Ken Kronberg’s direction, WorldComp/PMR became one of the top printing firms in the United States, for awhile, until it died under the weight of the LaRouche org. debt. 
InternalMemo on Sky Shields’, Summer Shields’ and Alli Perebikovsky’s resignationsLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. 2012/04/03L.Y.M. RESIGNATIONS 
TestimonyWhy We LeftTarrajna Walsh, Nick Walsh, Sky Shields, Summer Shields, Alli Perebikovsky, Riana Nordquist, Todd Nordquist, Oyang Teng 2012/09/15L.Y.M. RESIGNATIONSSeptember 2nd-15th, 2012 
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Leo Strauss
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LegalKey Evidence Released in Case of Jeremiah Duggan Erica DugganPress release2009/12/09JEREMIAH DUGGAN‘s SUSPICIOUS DEATH 
LegalLetter to John MarkhamI  Letter2010/01/07KEN KRONBERG‘s SUICIDE 
PressRare Photo of SWP in United front  New Solidarity1972/05/04July 31·Aug. 4Photo with David Goldman 
Alexandria Division
2010/12/07KEN KRONBERG‘s SUICIDEDocument 129 
LaRouche Prop.The Coming Disintegration of Financial MarketsLyndon H. LaRouche, Jr1994/06/00 
Research“Leninist Boomers” Build “The Fifth International”: The Early History Of The Labor Committee (Plus The Old Mole And New Mole Files!)  (1.1 Mb.)Hylozoic Hedgehoglaroucheplanet.info2009/01/03-This series of FactNet posts provides the most detailed look at the early history of the NCLC from LaRouche’s leaving the SWP in late 1965 to the major faction fight inside the organization in 1971. The files focus most on the early NCLC in two key cities, New York and Philadelphia. 
ResearchDecoding Code: The Larouche Connection To Ekkehard Franke-Gricksch And The Carto Network In Germany  (580 Kb.)Hylozoic Hedgehoglaroucheplanet.info2009/09/11This series of FactNet posts examines the strange saga of Ekkehard Franke-Gricksch’s publication CODE and its related organization – the Confederation of Organically Thinking Europeans — and the entire network’s links to the LaRouche Organization in Germany. 
ResearchThe Power Of Unreason: The Nclc And The Far Right From Atlantis To Moscow  (700 Kb.)Hylozoic Hedgehoglaroucheplanet.info2009/02/16 
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KISSINGER, THE POLITICS OF FAGGOTRY Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.1982/08/03 
LegalTate’s testimony (extracts) Testimony of Charles Tate1987/11/06 
LegalTate’s testimony (extracts) Testimony of Charles Tate1987/11/06 
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