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FROM:LAR       "Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. "



10:29 AM 4/11/2007 EDT


The report from the west coast, in today's

ops bulletin, contains a much-needed lesson

in how to keep your sanity when the Congress's

Baby Boomers have joined the ranks of the

medieval flagellants.


In the case reported in today's ops bulletin,

our shrewd young folk recognized the error

of responding against the population with their

own rage at the betrayal of the human race by

members of the U.S. Senate, among others. They

learned the lesson of the Decameron, of

Rabelais, Cervantes, Shakespeare, and others,

to respond to extreme provocations by immoral

circles around them, with wit.


The problem exists even among us, as some among

us are enraged not only at the immorality in the

Senate and elsewhere, but among those in our own

ranks who refuse to give up the kind of Baby

Boomer corruption typified by the Winstar dupes

who insisted that I was wrong about my economic

forecasts, until the Y2K blowout of 2000. they

are enraged at seeing my warnings against Baby

Boomer immorality so vividly confirmed by the

behavior of many leaders in the Democratic Party

and elsehwere of late. Some among us with rather

commit virtual suicide than admit I have been

right on these matters.


Think, and speak and write with so.