LaRouche attacks Kronberg’s widow for donating money to the Bush-Cheney campaign…but:

Who supported Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. against the Democrats? LaRouche!

Who had his followers sucking up to Dick Cheney in the late 1970s? LaRouche!

From the FACT Net discussion board

“xlcr4life,” Saturday, August 25, 2007 (several postings beginning 8:00 pm are merged here):

We are going to show our readers how a madman or mad woman can, with a straight face, issue a memo [saying that] Kronberg’s widow giving several hundred dollars to the Republican party [was] the cause of Ken Kronberg’s death. I had to reread that memo a few times and wonder exactly how much booze the remaining NEC and NC [members] have to consume to erase their memory cells. We know they erased their dignity and honesty a few decades ago when they began to hijack funds from the elderly.

Forget the yutes [members of today’s LaRouche Youth Movement–DK], because their parents were not even dating in the 1970s [when] certain things occurred.

OK, Nancy, Gerry, Tony, Jeff, Dennis, Larry, Debbie, Harley, Phil [leading followers of LaRouche] and a few others read that memo and nod their heads in unison with Lyn. They read that memo and continue their worship of Lyn and go to sleep without a worry.

The Wayback Machine has been busy and has some funny things to report to the yutes and the rest of the gang as to who is THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY in the LC in both funds and support.

Why Lyn of course!!

Let us all set the Wayback Machine to 1976 when we ran Lyn for president as a U.S. Labor Party candidate–almost everyone in Leesburg and every current leader in the LC at this time [was involved]. In the course of our organizing there is a word being used to describe very conservative thinking Republicans in the Midwest, Texas and Far West. We called these people “Yahoos” and they were on our briefing networks and we would call them up about the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Bilderbergers and of course the Rockefellers. Our 1976 campaign for some people was a letdown because, after all, the LC was supposed to be THE Communist hegemonic power committed to socialism. What our 1976 campaign was about was going after Jimmy Carter and pulling for Gerald Ford to win.

Now how did we get to that stage?

Go back a few years and you will find that we had regular conversations with a Yahoo from Wyoming named Dick Cheney! The person you want to ask in Leesburg is Susan Kokinda, who according to a few former leaders in the LC was [the] “contact.” If you look back at who were our major enemies in all of the publications you find these people:

Nelson Rockefeller
Henry Kissinger
James Schlesinger.

All were in the Ford cabinet.

Who were Dick Cheney’s targets of anger?

Nelson Rockefeller
Henry Kissinger
James Schlesinger.

In the LC we had many people who were calling [up] conservatives and attempting to portray Lyn as the anti-Trilat leader while the whole Marxist charade which Lyn used to recruit on college campuses in the late 1960s and early 1970s was hidden in the basement forever. All of a sudden we were now “American System” clean-cut anti-Trilat/anti-CFR leaders. In New Solidarity we wrote many articles about the CIA and who was to blame for its demise.

Another of our contacts supposedly was also a very young Donald Rumsfeld.

Understand that this [was] going on without many members knowing it. We had a very primitive fundraising operation going where we would meet with these people and bulk sale our special reports about the Trilats/CFR and other conspiracy theory favorites.

The difference between the rational and the insane usually involves Lyn. While we had local meetings with Yahoos, as soon as you brought Lyn to the party, it was over. Lyn began to imagine that he was the kingpin and he was the real power. In 1975 when Gerald Ford fired parts of his cabinet in what was called the “Halloween Massacre,” Lyn began a delusionary spiral into darkness where he firmly believed that he was now running the USA.

Now what happened after the Halloween Massacre? James Schlesinger was fired, Colby was out at the CIA, Kissinger was off the NSA and Nelson Rockefeller was no longer a lock for the VP slot in 1976.

Now who benefited and what did Lyn commit the LC to supporting? Why, a young Yahoo named Dick Cheney became the Chief of Staff, Rumsfeld became Defense Sec. and George Bush Sr. became the CIA head.

At this time in the regional offices we were told that Lyn is now leading a force of Yahoos and military people who are secretly supporting us.

During the 1976 campaign our sole purpose was to turn voters against Jimmy Carter and we purchased national TV time with a 15 minute spot a week or so before the election and a half-hour spot the night before. The theme was “Pulling the lever for Carter will trigger thermonuclear war.”

Carter won the election and now the next step occurred in our support of the Republican party. There are always going to be election day problems. This time Lyn in the election night meeting in the national office said that the election was stolen. Not only were his millions of votes stolen, but they were given to Carter and thus Gerald Ford was the true winner. This was brilliant by Lyn because it both saved face for our vote totals and then let us start to really raise money and work with Republicans. We put out brief after brief about the Trilat cabinet of Carter culminating with what was called the “Pitt Brief” or “Carter and the Party of International Terror.” Now our enemies were Ramsey Clark, IPS, CounterPunch and other assorted leftists. We began to really boil conservative phone lists we were given to raise money. And we also did something very few people remember:

The day after the 1976 election we urged the Ford people to challenge the results and go to court in several states to overturn the election. In Michigan we had a local in Grand Rapids set up and some of our people were on the phone with Ford’s brothers urging them to get the election challenged. Among the local Detroit leaders I was told were involved, were Art and Pidge. This is really very cloudy history because Detroit was run by Ken Dalto who had his own cult of personality going and ran a slick operation with all sorts of people you can read about in the King Book.

In several states we started lawsuits with Republicans and Conservative Party members to overturn the election due to vote fraud. Lyn had the LC set up a Legal Fund where everyone I mentioned at the beginning RAISED MONEY FOR THIS. You can’t pretend this did not exist. Go ask them how much money they raised in their locals to fund this. We did this with Republicans when Ford did not want to challenge the results.

Needless to say, there is a whole history of Lyn, the LC and mobsters with bags of cash to buy an election and to pay a loan shark, which will eventually be explained.

Our sole [reason] for being was to support whatever the Yahoos asked us to do, which was usually to screw the Democratic party. Running Lyn as a Democrat was a great way to do damage internally, as Lyn’s loonyness was now being used by many people. You see, we could print and do dirty tricks in an untraceable way where anyone else would be sued for slander. We could put out leaflets, find dirt and buy TV time and say the most outrageous things and get away with it, for a while.

Where this all falls apart and becomes a farce is, as usual, all about Lyn. What typically happens is that we can send some of our talented people to meet with specialists and gather info and provide info we picked up. At a certain point we had meetings with friends of friends which led to meetings in places like LA, Michigan, Texas, Atlanta, East Side NYC and DC with pretty high up think-tank people. What always happened [was] that Lyn demanded to be the main focus of these meetings as, of course, he ran the USA! In every case where he met a normal person, they would immediately figure out that Lyn was bonkers with massive delusions and quietly exit the meeting. The contact would tell his staff to never let us back in, while Lyn would further feel that this proves that he is part of the “Privy Council” running the USA.

The full story is maybe someday going to come out, and it will be a doozy, worthy of the best scam artist hall of fame honors. Along the way in our doing dirty work for the GOP something happened where Lyn and the LC security staff were handed off to a whole circus of anti-Semites in the Liberty Lobby and a guy named Mitch WerBell. At this time we dropped Rocky and the Trilats and started up with the British and became much more vocal in the Holocaust lunacy and supporting virtually any World War II Nazi as a “patriot.”

Along the time frame we now have Lyn being really profiled as a paranoid nutcase who has sucker written all over him. How much Jeff Steinberg and Paul Goldstein [LaRouche’s in-house security chiefs–DK] contributed to this whole episode is for them to discuss with you members.

Molly gives a few hundred to the GOP, how much did Lyn give in CASH and property besides committing all of the LC manpower and resources to screwing the Democratic party and supporting the Republican party????

If you can, email or walk into the legal office of Barbara [Boyd] and George [Canning] and ask for the transcripts of the Virginia trials. You know, those transcripts which never seemed to make it to the LC and in the books published about the cult’s innocence. In THOSE transcripts are pages and pages of testimony by then Government witness Rick McGraw [a member of LaRouche’s security staff–DK]. A person was meeting with Lyn, Jeff and Paul all of the time who was called “The Major.” The Major named Murdock or something like that played Lyn like a C=256 tuned instrument. The Major was presented as a CIA agent/liaison to Lyn who would consult with Lyn about National Security issues and would relay Lyn’s important multi hundred page drafts to the “Privy Council” which Lyn [supposedly] was now part of. Along the way, the Major would warn Lyn of many assassination plots which he could avert, but that would cost money of course. There was no way the CIA could officially protect Lyn with taxpayer funds, and since Lyn was so crucial to U.S. national security, he would have to figure out how to pay for it himself.

The project was called “SOVA,” or Southern Virginia, and involved McGraw collecting cash to give to the Major. We also got involved in a land purchase where I was told he ended up with a Farm we paid for. The farm was a joint LC security staff/Major project which used the cover of a farm. I was told that the Major came back to ask for more money to stock the farm with animals so as to make it a real good CIA/LC cover and not raise eyebrows.

The grand total from the transcripts shows that somewhere between 8 to 11 MILLION dollars went to this scam. Lyn and the boys were so delusional that they believed that the CIA [formerly] of Bush Sr. and [now of Casey] [was] actually working with them in promoting Lyn in his Leesburg move to be close to the White House of Reagan!

The defense strategy by Lyn, it seems, was to make these payments come out during the trials to prove that Lyn is part of the CIA and that the only reason he was on trial was because the enemies of the CIA–the British and the anti-SDI Democrats–were going after him.

Indeed, when I was in the LC I would hear a lot of talk about how the CIA was going to get all of the indictments squashed.

Excuse me for a second as I have to laugh hysterically after typing this. Lyn in essence gave what he thought was the CIA anywhere from 8 to 11 million dollars in a scam operation with tax-free cash which not even a Hollywood writer on a coke high could imagine.

Please ask your local NCs [National Committe members of the LaRouche organization–DK] and THREE DECADE card table shriners [those who sell LaRouche publications at street tables] about our work with the Ford election team. Then ask about how all of that cash was accounted for. Go to legal and ask for the transcripts.

As a bonus, you will find out about the cash we sent to Boston to repay a loan shark for money we borrowed to “buy” the 1980 New Hampshire primary.

Of course what you read here is subject to refinement and change. Very few people have the full story and a few have parts of the story.

Keep on inhaling those carcinogens for Lyn, yutes. The weekly budget still has a section for certain cash payments each week.

xlcr4life, Saturday, August 25, 2007 – 9:38 pm:

To refresh everyone’s memory, here are a few pages of our joint lawsuit with the Republican and Conservative parties in NY State to overturn the 1976 election of Jimmy Carter.

Ask the legal staff for the rest of this as it is quite a large file to post here.

Then ask for the guesstimate of how much money we raised to help the GOP and how much LC resources Lyn committed…for this.


Warren DONOHUE, Sandra Weissman, Valda Bramwell, Roy G. Vanasco, John T. Stewart, Nicholas A. Long, Lyndon LaRouche, the Rockland County Conservative Party, and the Labor Party, Plaintiffs, v. BOARD OF ELECTIONS OF the STATE OF NEW YORK, Board of Elections of the City of New York, Secretary of the State of New York, Betty Dolan, and Hugh Carey, Defendants

No. 76 C 2142


435 F. Supp. 957; 1976 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 11966

December 7, 1976

COUNSEL: David S. Heller, New York, New York, Heller, Kleinman, Wray, Wagner & Tabakman, New City, New York, for plaintiffs; David M. Wagner, New City, New York, of counsel.

W. Bernard Richland, Corp. Counsel for the City of New York, New York, New York, for defendant Bd. of Elections for the City of New York; Mark Schwartz, of counsel.

David E. Blabey, Sp. Counsel, New York, New York, Edward R. Patrick, Deputy Counsel, Albany, New York, for defendant New York State Bd. of Elections.

Louis J. Lefkowitz, Atty. Gen. of the State of New York, New York, New York, for defendants Hon. Hugh Carey, Governor of the State of New York, and the Secretary of State of the State of New York; A. Seth Greenwald, New York, New York, of counsel.

JUDGES: Mishler, Chief Judge.



Memorandum of Decision and Order

MISHLER, Chief Judge.

Plaintiffs, who include Republican and Conservative Party supporters of President Ford, and members of the Labor Party, bring this action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. §§ 1983, 1985(3) and 1988 1 seeking an order: (1) enjoining the Secretary of the State of New York and the Governor from certifying the Democratic Presidential electors; (2) declaring the Presidential election conducted in New York on November 2, 1976, null and void; and (3) directing that a new election be held. Plaintiffs allege that state officials, acting under the color of state law, committed fraudulent acts in the conduct of voter registration and the subsequent general Presidential election which served to deprive them of their constitutionally protected right to vote. Plaintiffs also assert a claim premised upon a violation of the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment, 2 arguing that jurisdiction is conferred under 28 U.S.C. § 1331(a). That claim, couched in general terms, is that the ballots cast by legitimate voters were debased and diluted by the illegal votes cast by thousands of unqualified voters.


Now you understand why we shifted people out of USLP locals into Republican/Yahoo areas of potential money in LA, Texas, Atlanta and went to airports in Denver, St. Louis and other areas to make Yahoo contacts for the [telephone fundraising] boiler room.

“larouchetruth,” Saturday, August 25, 2007 – 11:57 pm:

Wow, xlcr4life, I knew parts of that story, but not all of it. I clearly remember our raising money to get Lyn’s half-hour ad on election eve against Carter, and then working with right-wing Republicans to try to challenge the election in a number of states, and our claiming there was vote fraud.

Then, during the Carter years, it wasn’t just Carter, it was the most progressive Democrats, starting with Ted Kennedy, who were on our sh*t list. Then, when Reagan won, and Judge [Clark] became–wasn’t he the head of Reagan’s National Security Council?–and he actually liked LaRouche, until he was sacked after about two years in office, as I recollect it (I wonder if that was why, or part of the reason why), we thought we were really on the inside track. As the Sandinistas came to power in Nicaragua, I’m trying to remember how that played out, since Mitch WerBell was, of course, part of the anti-leftist apparatus, but I recall that we claimed to have convinced him to not be opposed to the Sandinistas, but it’s all a bit fuzzy.

But then, in 1984, I remember clearly that we opposed Mondale as a fascist, and we somehow linked him to the FBI, and called them both fascists. We clearly supported Reagan in both elections. And then the legal attacks came, and the trial, just around the time of the run-up to the 1988 election. Did we call Dukakis a fascist too? We clearly supported Bush, and expected him (at least, LaRouche expected him) to intervene and save him from prison. And when he did no such thing (what a shock!), the Security faction (Jeff, Paul et al.) went into sudden free fall from grace, and the Catholic faction suddenly was elevated, Lyn went to Rome shortly before he was sentenced, attended the wedding in the Vatican of Louis duPont Smith, and began relying on the Pope to save him.

In the summer of 1992, in the run-up to the election, around the time of the Democratic Convention, Clinton was labeled, in an article by LaRouche, and in EIR and The New Federalist, as a “southern fried fascist.” Clinton was not seen positively–I guess we didn’t endorse anyone that year, since I don’t think we were backing Bush–I know we were individually rooting for Ross Perot–until after [Clinton] was inaugurated. There was some relatively insignificant thing that Clinton did or said vis-a-vis the British–presumably Prime Minister Major, I think he was still in power–that LaRouche hailed as Clinton breaking with the British, and from that moment on, the “line” on Clinton became strongly positive, and it has stayed there ever since. No matter that Clinton was as strong a free-trader and NAFTA supporter as he could be (rationalized as “he doesn’t really believe it, but he feels he must go along”–what hogwash), that he did nothing for weeks after the beginning of the genocide in Rwanda (or rather, worse than nothing–he prohibited the U.S. from letting it be labeled genocide so the UN was hamstrung), etc., etc. Clinton was straight DLC, and still is, but he is the darling of the LaRouche Movement.

larouchetruth, Saturday, August 25, 2007 – 11:59 pm:

So, poor Molly got stuck in a timewarp, she missed the early 1993 flip-flop, and stayed a Republican, as LaRouche had been for 15 years. Ah, the LaRouche the LYM [LaRouche Youth Movement] will never know. LYM members, if history is important, as LaRouche makes out it is, his history is vitally important for you. You have a good right to ask, why didn’t these dramatic flip-flops bother us, as we experienced them. But beware the answer. The answer is, we thought just like you think now–we simply ignored the evidence before our eyes, with the same rationalizations you have now. Wasn’t it Marx who said that Hegel observes that history tends to repeat itself, but that he forgot to add that the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce? Our experience was the tragedy. With our experience before you, your time will be the farce, if you don’t learn the lesson we are trying to pass on to you before wasting some of the best years of your life. Look, you only get one shot at this game called life. The less of it you waste in a cause you will later regret, the more you will have to realize yourselves in. I’ve got so many fewer years left than you have to do whatever I can with my life, because of the nearly quarter century I wasted there. Just to complete the quotations for the night, it was Santayana, I believe, who said that those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Please learn from this.

And ask yourselves: How could LaRouche have gone from being a Marxist overnight during 1974 to hanging out with the far-right wing of the U.S. political spectrum, such as the Liberty Lobby, attack the more progressive of the Democrats as fascists, strongly support Reagan twice, and then flip-flop and support the DLC member Clinton for eight years? What sense does that trajectory make? And then to attack Molly Kronberg for driving Ken to suicide because she continued to back Republicans through 2004?

[EDITOR’S NOTE: For more on LaRouche’s former support for Republicans, go to “LaRouche and the Reagan Revolution,” Chapter 15 of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism.]