Jeffrey Steinberg

26 SEP 84

MEMORANDUM FOR: The Director Federal Bureau of Investigation

ATTENTION: Criminal Investigation Division


  1. On 20 September 1984 a former Central Intelligence Agency
    (CIA) employee, Mr. *** telephonically advised a current employee that one Jeffrey Steinberg is allegedly attempting to recruit personnel to assassinate unnamed persons in Bolivia and Columbia. Steinberg is reportedly attempting to recruit Cuban nationals who worked for CIA as well as CIA retirees and active duty personnel with a paramilitary background advised that Steinberg has attempted to contact CIA employees in Columbia. Steinberg is reported to have twenty million dollars at his disposal. “*6)
  1. Mr *** advised that Steinberg is employed by Presidential candidate Lyndon La Rouche. Steinberg is listed as the Counterintelligence Director for the Executive Intelligence Review (attached) which was founded by LaRouche. His business address is 304 W. 58th Street, New York, New York. He is reported to use three telephone numbers: 689-1021, 703-435-8617 and 703-777-3342.
  1. In a subsequent call to the same employee on 25 September 1984, Mr. advised that an unidentified U.S. Government Installation dealing in armaments may be pargetted by a LaRouche group. More specific information was not known.
  1. The information concerning Steinberg’s alleged recruiting was verbally passed to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Liaison Officer, BERS on 21 September 1984. Mr. *** advised that a U.S. Senator had also passed the information to the FBI and the White House. Te. )
  2. Beyond identifying Mr. Steinberg with the Executive Intelligence Review, this Agency has no substantive information concerning Jeffrey Steinberg. Mr. *** is currently employed at the Library of Congress and should be directly contacted by the FBI relative to this matter.
  3. This information is being provided for your information and action as deemed appropriate. It is requested that this Agency be provided with a copy of any investigation’ of this matter. Please direct any inquiries or correspondence to the Deputy Director of Security for Personnel Security and Investigations, attention: FOR THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE: