1. Conspirators everywhere

INTERNAL MEMO: July 31, 2007

The latest excretions from such sewers as Dennis King, the American Family Foundation’s FactNet website, a new website run by Star Trek groupie and Robert Beltran stalker Christine Wellman, and other droppings from John Train’s salon, continue the obsessive campaign of LaRouche haters to exploit the tragic death of Ken Kronberg, a man they never knew, and whose life was dedicated to fighting the stupidity they represent.

King and others who know nothing about the financial relationship between the LaRouche political movement and PMR claim that the movement “looted” PMR to ruin. As usual, bullshit spews from John Train’s overpaid plagiarist.

In the interest of dispelling such bullshit circulating among gossip circles internationally, some simple facts are provided here for internal informational purposes.

Simple Fact: PMR was founded to print the publications of the LaRouche political movement and it was always dependent, despite the wild-eyed contrary theories of such “business geniuses” as Linda De Hoyos or Uwe Friesecke, upon the success of the political movement for its own success.

Simple Fact: In 2000 and 2001, PMR made a disastrous business decision by continuing to move forward with an expensive and expansive move to new quarters when the commercial account upon which the move was premised had already been lost, and depression had already hit the graphics arts and mailing industries generally. One effect of the move was to dramatically increase PMR’s cost of production while diverting capital into debt service which otherwise could have been invested in more efficient technologies. In the course of the move and other events, supporters of the LaRouche movement stepped forward to invest over $2 million dollars in the company in order to salvage it.

Simple Fact: Both the 2004 LaRouche campaign committee and LaRouche PAC paid millions of dollars in premium prices for printed materials from PMR because the entire LaRouche political movement was fighting to save the company and the capacity it represented. It is now clear, in the wake of PMR’s demise, that both political committees could have printed their campaign materials for substantially less cost had they not utilized PMR as their exclusive printer.

Simple Fact: The same AFF Factnet website which now stars Dennis King, the pathetic sexually obsessed Paul Kacprzak, and a host of LaRouche haters claiming that they represent Ken Kronberg’s legacy, targeted PMR for financial warfare destruction in 2004, claiming that by destroying the company, the LaRouche political movement would be destroyed.

Those wishing to honor Ken’s memory should stick to the truth, not the bullshit spewing from his enemies.

2. Admissions by LaRouche to illegal activity?

Posting by ex-LaRouchian “tuer07” on FactNet, Sat., August 04, 2007 – 10:39 am:

Once again, LaRouche demonstrates that the law does not matter to him. There are so many elements of that memo that are admissions of illegal activities by the LaRouche political campaigns that I am sure the IRS and FEC are having a field day….

3. More and more scapegoats

INTERNAL MEMO: from Ops Bulletin, Aug. 15, 2007

It should now be stated clearly for the information of the members, that Linda de Hoyos and Uwe Friesecke had been conducting operations against Ken Kronberg personally over many years–operations which significantly contributed to the conditions that led to his death.