• Labels her an “enemy who is guilty of contributing to that misfortune” (her husband’s suicide)
  • States that ICLC members (such as himself) “have no reason to feel any sort of guilt over the suicide”

1. LaRouche memo to his organization’s National Committee, Aug. 18


FROM: “Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.”



August 18, 2007 (7:34am) EDT

I had thought it had been agreed, that the documentation of Molly Kronberg’s public filings of financial contributions to the Bush-Cheney campaign and the Republican National Committee would have appeared prominently in the Saturday AM Ops Bulletin.

Wha’ happened, huh?

Members who have been suffering distress for reason of a lack of this sort of information bearing on the actual circumstances of Ken’s suicide, deserve the reassurance which those facts supply. Once any among our associates have possession of those facts, the other available, crucially relevant facts tumble properly into their relevant places. Withholding circulation of well-documentation of firmly established, relevant facts, is itself a form of fraud when a crucial issue is involved.

I, personally, am well aware of certain crucial other facts, bearing on the same matter, which, taken together would tend to console those who have worked so hard, against such frustration, for the really important issues of life, that they deserve access to knowledge of who is involved in cheating them of the facts which assure them that it is not their fault if some things for which they have worked so hard, and sacrificed so much, did not produce the results they had the right to achieve.

It is now past time to clean up that part of the mess. Our honest members have no reason to feel any sort of guilt over the suicide. They have the right to know the facts, especially the public facts, which assure them of that. They also have a related right, to know the name of the enemy who is guilty in contributing to that misfortune. Sometimes, just knowing supplies the needed balm of a sense of relief.

2. Unsigned statement In Ops bulletin, Aug. 19


SUNDAY, August 19, 2007

Some Plain Facts Once Again

According to Federal Election Commission records, Marielle Kronberg, through 6/22/2004 had contributed $775.00 to the Bush-Cheney campaign for re-election. According to the same FEC records, on April 4, 2005, Marielle Kronberg contributed $250 to the Republican National Committee. A simple internet google search on Marielle Kronberg’s name pulls up data assembled by Fundrace on the Huffington Post stating that Kronberg contributed $725 to George Bush in 2004 and $776 to the RNC in 2004.

At the time of these contributions, Marielle Kronberg insisted on retaining her status as a member of the national committee of the National Caucus of Labor Committees. At the time of these contributions, Ken Kronberg, with other members of the LaRouche movement, was engaged in an all-out war to prevent the re-election of Bush-Cheney and the clearly manifested fascism which they represent. Does anything more need to be said in the matter of Ken’s suicide?


Molly Kronberg contributed to Republican campaigns, so what? So have tens of millions of other Americans. LaRouche and his organization helped the Republicans nonstop for 12 years (1976-1988) through dirty tricks operations and a variety of other open and covert forms of support (click HERE for the full story that LaRouche has carefully withheld from LaRouche Youth Movement recruits). The attack on Mrs. Kronberg is nothing but a red herring to distract the LYM’s cadres and LaRouche’s remaining Boomers from the following facts:

1. LaRouche looted Ken Kronberg’s PMR Printing Company–by extorting excessive credit for printing jobs for various LaRouche publications and then refusing to pay the bills, thus driving PMR to the brink of bankruptcy.

2. LaRouche personally hounded Kronberg for years, subjecting him to constant denunciations and emotional abuse, with the aim of forcing him to acquiesce in LaRouche’s diversion of the profits the firm made from legitimate clients–profits that otherwise could have enabled the firm to pay its payroll taxes and other bills–into LaRouche’s political enterprises. Essentially LaRouche used PMR (as he had used prior ICLC linked businesses) to subsidize his Presidential campaigns and world-wide propaganda operations without regard for the company’s long-range financial survival.

3. In an early morning briefing on April 11, 2007, LaRouche, speaking through his sock puppet Tony Papert, suggested that Kronberg commit suicide.

4. LaRouche reinforced the message in a memo written later that morning under his own name. Upon hearing the news of Kronberg’s death, LaRouche tried to cover up his personal role by replacing the word “suicide” with the word “ruin” in the signed memo.

5. LaRouche did not attend Kronberg’s funeral–even though Kronberg had been his follower for over 35 years.

6. LaRouche waited almost a week after Kronberg’s death before sending a letter of condolence to Mrs. Kronberg, who was a member of his own national committee. This letter, which LaRouche wrote only under pressure from his top aides (who viewed it as a necessary damage-control move), turned out to be something no decent human being would ever send to a grieving family. In this repulsive document, LaRouche lectured Mrs. Kronberg on how people like Ken who abandon the struggle for LaRouche’s ideals are supposedly “no more than virtually beasts.” And he added, with the literary equivalent of a sneer: “The ugly, horror-stricken moment must pass.”

7. When PMR closed its doors several weeks later, LaRouche blamed it all on the alleged political treachery and poor business decisions of Kronberg, without mentioning the ICLC’s huge unpaid printing debts to PMR which were the direct cause of the firm’s collapse.

8. As outrage over his treatment of Kronberg mounted among the ICLC’s remaining Boomers, LaRouche attempted to divert these feelings away from himself by evoking the threat of yet another evil oligarchical plot by Dick Cheney, the John Train Salon, etc. against the ICLC and the human race. When this fell flat, he tried another type of diversion: His number one sock puppet, Jeffrey Steinberg, announced in late June that Lyn had just uncovered a huge international scandal (BAE) that would completely change the global strategic situation. (In other words: forget the insignificant fate of Ken Kronberg, and hang in there–soon we’ll be in political clover with influence beyond our wildest dreams.)

9. The giant international scandal never materialized (it was reported only by LaRouche’s and nutty Col. Gadhafi’s websites), and the discontent continued to spread among the ICLC Boomers. By July they were leaking information to former members and journalists on a scale not seen in and around the LaRouche movement since the late 1970s. Thus, LaRouche opted for yet another damage-control method–a combination of red-herring and scapegoating tactics. He announced in internal memos on August 18 and 19 that Mrs. Kronberg had (horror of horrors!) made modest donations to the very same Republican Party that he himself had supported for so long (and had only turned against when top Republicans refused to help quash his 1988 prosecution for loan fraud). He labeled Mrs. Kronberg as the “enemy” and a supporter of “fascism”–to dehumanize her in the minds of his remaining Boomers and whip up the demented LYMers for a possible harassment campaign against her.

10. LaRouche also proclaimed in his August 18 memo that the ICLC’s “honest members” (himself and those totally devoted to serving his every whim) “have no reason to feel any sort of guilt over the suicide” (notice how he de-personalizes it: “the” suicide, not “Ken’s” suicide) and that “the enemy who contributed to that misfortune” is really…Ken’s widow!

I have a feeling that this latest trickery–and especially the dismissive reference to Kronberg’s suicide as “that misfortune”–is not going to be entirely successful. Many of the remaining Boomers in the LaRouche organization were personal friends of the Kronbergs. Clearly at least a few at the ICLC headquarters in Leesburg, Va. are manifesting some degree of resistance to their leader’s latest insanity–otherwise LaRouche would not have had to chastize them so sharply (although he provided no names) for being reluctant to issue the attack he had ordered on Mrs. Kronberg.

My final words here are addressed to those Boomers who may be inclined to fall into lockstep once again: Are you going to forget about LaRouche’s role in driving Ken Kronberg to suicide simply because Ken’s wife gave donations to the Republicans rather than to Lyn in the last election cycle? Are you going to run around calling her a supporter of “fascism” when anyone with an ounce of curiosity can go to the LYM website and read the full text of LaRouche’s “classics,” including The Case of Walter LIppmann–the most elaborate blueprint for a fascist society since Hitler’s Mein Kampf?

I hope you’ll take stock of how Der Abscheulicher is trying once again to manipulate you through psychological misdirection, word games, and mind-numbing rants. Don’t listen to him! The record of his behavior in the period leading up to, and the period since, the suicide of Ken Kronberg clearly reveals LaRouche to be a totally selfish user with no empathy for other human beings. Indeed, the record shows him to be a fantasy Hitler who takes delight in insulting, abusing and inflicting emotional pain on those around him (and especially the Jews around him).

How much more evidence do you need? How many more deaths will it take to wake you up? Jeremiah Duggan, Ken Kronberg, MIchael Gelber–how many more deaths? For the sake of your families and the productive lives you can build in the years remaining to you, just walk away from the ICLC and allow its founder and his sock puppets to stew in their own juices.