LaRouche Who?

From The Telegraph‘s  – Monday 29 June 1987:

LaRouche and his adepts believe he is “world renowned”.

Well if you check his name, it seems it is not often well spelled!
Here are some samplers:

At , we learn that:

1. LaRouche Bag : Douche bag follower of the Lyndon LaRouche cult“Is there any way I could wed my blind political conviction with historical inaccuracy and teenage angst?”
“You could become a LaRouche Bag.”

2. LaRouche1. Extremely creepy perpetual presidential candidate. His paranoia convinces him that all members of politics are either former Nazis, current Nazis, or aspiring Nazis. His plans for his presidency involves building a land bridge across the Bering Strait, creating a system of waterways for transport, and reestablishing predetermined currency conversions.2. LaRouche also served five years in a Minnesotan federal prison for mail and tax fraud, as well as conspiracy.Look at that paranoid person… (s)he must a LaRouche supporter.

3. larouche : verb. to babble or propagate nonsensical jargon among peers. The meaning of this word comes from the coutless hours one must spend with Lyndon LaRouche supporters to understand the basic points of LaRouche politics.”Joe- Hey man, did you read that chemistry assignment.Mark- Yeah, it had nothing to do with the last lecture.Joe- that prof don’t know what he is talkin about.Mark-yeah man, his LaRouche is dense!”

ordon’t you LaRouche me noob!

4. LaRouchebag : Follower of Lyndon LaRouche. Usually incredibly vocal.Steve drew a Hitler moustache on my Obama Chia Pet! What a LaRouchebag!

5. LaRoach : A follower of politician Lyndon LaRouche that resembles a cockroach in his/her tenacity and intelligence.Oh no, looks like a bunch of LaRoaches. Walk away quickly and don’t look at them!

6. obamoker: Obama as Joker

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