On the subject of our printing operations

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| Saturday, April 21, 2007 |
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FROM:LAR " Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. "
April 20, 2007 (10:28am) EDT

On the subject of our printing operations.

The collapse of PMR has been a virtually inevitable calamity,
since some time earlier than 2000, perhaps as early as 1994. The
effective termination of our operations' 2nd-Class mailing
privileges, which were sacrificed for an ill-advised investment
by PMR, meant the end of PMR's ability to continue to exist for
long, except by shifting emphasis to a the new business
orientations of our political ass'n, which I began to put into
place as soon as I was legally free to begin that much-needed,
already long overdue reform from the follies of 1990-1999.

The special problems of PMR created during the 1990-1999
interval, under the Friesecke-Quijano mis-management of the
principal business and related affairs of the U.S. operations,
have intersected a catastrophic situation in the traditional
graphic arts business practices of, in particular, the entire
region of this northeast corner of Virginia, and elsewhere.

Uwe and Fernando were controlling (somewhat rapaciously) the
business affairs of the U.S. association, at that time. The
first crisis of PMR was created for Ken Kronberg by Uwe's
overreaching direction of the financial affairs of the U.S. ass'n
as a whole. During 1994-2000, the minds of many of our
associates here were corrupted by corrupting delusions typified
by the "Winstar" hoax. It was said, then: "Lyn is wrog about the
economy; there will be lots of money being passed around for
those clever enough to tap into the flow." The collapse of the
Y2K bubble, during 2000, showed us that it was those who doubted
my authority in such matters, who were behaving as stupidly as
they were behaving gullibly. This ideology, and its effects on
policy-shaping in the printing operations as in the organization
itself, was a crucially important factor in producing the ruined
situation in which PMR found itself in 2000.

The only last-minute hope for saving PMR came from the new
conceptions agreed to between me and Ken Kronberg et al. during
recent months. This solution depended chiefly on matching PMR's
and associated potential with the expansion of the market for
LPAC operations. With the failure to support that LPAC program
by parts of our ass'n, the lack of support from among our
veterans, removed the last hope of success for our collaboration
with Ken Kronberg on this basis, and, thus, created a hopeless
situation for an already, otherwise doomed, PMR.

The failure among far too many among our BBs, to find an adequate
response to the challenge within themselves, did not actually
kill Ken; there were other causes. However, your failure to
muster to the challenge which I and others posed to you, could
have been helpful to those among us trying to help him overcome
his pessimism. You owe it to his memory now, to honor the lesson
which you should have learned while he still lived.

This lack of support for that program, during recent weeks, from
among our senior ranks, despite the growth of the LPAC's
important functions, is, therefore, the most relevant
consideration in thinking about what happened to PMR. Where do we
turn to fill the vacuum left by PMR's crisis? There are remedies,
which center around the potentials provided by the need for
relevant forms of support for the currently accelerating
importance of the work of LPAC.

The sabotage of the income of LPAC from among parts of the ranks
of the Baby Boomer generation, was perhaps more a reflection of a
knee-jerk instinct to sabotage, than a willful attempt to wreck
LPAC; but, it doomed a precariously situated PMR, nonetheless. It
is this largely subliminal "attitude" among BBs which must be
urgently corrected.

What is currently, the accelerating importance of our work, both
in the U.S.A. and abroad, is approximately comparable to the SDI
period, when I led in pulling our association out of the ruins
left by the Gus-Andy and "Three Fingers" Dalto swindles. The
relative, and growing importance of our role, internationally, as
in the USA itself, is presently greater than during the 1981-1983

Therefore, the question now is no longer "can be save an already
virtually doomed PMR?" The question is: can we do our essential
part in contributing to the rescue of civilization? There is
nowhere to run. There is no place outside the civilization now
in immediate jeopardy. There lies the meaning of the personal
life of each among you, your past and future life, and, most of
our the worth of your present mortal existence. Can you now
correct the relevant error which mislead you during the recent
years and months? Can you find in yourself, the moral and
intellectual qualities which humanity now demands from you?