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FROM:LAR       "Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. "



April 18, 2007 (10:21am) EDT


Evidence presently placed at my disposal has now shown me

the actually determining personal factor in the suicide ofKen

Kronberg,   Thisadditional evidence corresponds precisely

with both my personal knowledge of both Ken, and also the

business circumstances within which his actions weresituated.

At some later time, it will be appropriate to disclose atleast a

significant aspect of that evidence. That, evidenceincludes,

essentially, not so much the cause of Ken's suicide, butcertain

usually overlooked, but crucial, aggravating  factors in his

situation, factors which are to be traced, for emphasis, to

evidence dating chiefly from  the period when Ken was under

the joint misdirection of Fernando Quijano and Uwe Friesecke

during the early through late 1990s.


Therefore, since Nancy Spannaus' already published version

of the  biographicalnote, is truthful in respect to what it

includes, that should be the only official reference toKen's

passing made publicly by our association at this time.


In coming times...


During the immediate months ahead, I will come to share my

present, other knowledge on the matter,  only with persons

who have relevant competence, or who have a special right to

know.  Although theessentials of the case are now clear to me,

there are relevant supplementary factors, including thealready


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    #150        18-APR-2007 11:12:42.87                                     MAIL

known current British operation by the friends and

accomplices of Al Gore against our association, which must

still be more fully explored.


It should be recalled, that I am exceptionally good at

intelligence work, with a record, in my areas ofspecialization,

far exceeding that of most known professionals otherwise.

Intelligence is, as my experience, more likely to beaccurate in

identifying the nature of the relevant situation, than inlocating

the detailed features of the subject-matter.  In this case, I know

the character of the problem, but must no exclude surprises

which now turn up as factors to be considered in pinningdown

the details which make for detailed evidence of what Ialready

know the nature of the subject to be.