Recruitment Process

Dear Dumb-ass,

Thank you for your interest in the "World Historic Leader" position at LaRouche and Co's.
As you know, we interviewed a huge number of candidates, and have decided to select you for the referred position.
Since you meet all the requirements to become a "young larouchie" (age between 18-35, limitless energy, enthusiasm and naivety), we are pleased to invite you joining our teams of modern-times "volunteers" selling non existing newspapers at a card table shrine. Time: five minutes to midnight.
We wish you every personal and professional success with your new no-future job.
Thank you, again, for your interest in our bad company.

“Only we can save the world; only we can do the job, because nobody else even knows what the job is. Would you like to be the savior of humanity? … Yes, I was chosen. You were chosen. Not with fanfare, not with the blaring trumpets of archangel Gabriel. It doesn’t happen that way. It happens as you walk down the street thinking about the problems of the world and realize only you can do the job … You are chosen. Like John Scialdone’s lawyer said to the jury: ‘You poor schmucks’!
… Look around you. Who will support us? Who will rally to us? The ones who will rally to us are the emotionally crippled, the grey-faced, the neurologically impaired who, in rallying to us will do the only worthy thing to give meaning to their lives. Thus they will be able to say, ‘I wasn’t important but I contributed to victory’.”

LaRouche with one his new recruits.


The “LaRouche movement” is a political cult.

It is important to realize that you “don’t join” cults, even if you feel this is your “free choice”. The cults’ trick is to make you believe this was your “free choice” to join when in fact you were being recruited all that time…
Another “parlor trick” is proving they are not a cult because… they are “against cults”… (in fact, against all cults except LaRouche’s… of course.)

(They REALLY meahn it…)

TARGET (= “mark”):

People can either give “time” or “money”, ideally both. Re “time”, the “mark” is a 18-25 student who is naive and politically inexperienced. He/she must be an “idealist” and “generous”, impressionable with lots of DOUBTS in his/her life (parents, relationships, school, future etc.) LaRouche will wipe out all of his/her doubts and that is appealing, reassuring.
The other “target” is a “mark” that has some money, who is an adult with some career and/or ideally some “connections”…

Potential new recruit (“mark”) going to school.

1 at some card booth table: HUMOUR (“polemic”) often as “non sequiturs” is the angle to catch someone’s interest. Of course the punch line needs to be connected to today’s campaign. It is also important the joke to appear CRAZY; it will help the potential victim to make the transition to LaRouche’s crazy world (“Planet”). That, in fact, it is NO JOKE…

An encounter of the third kind:
LaRouchies on campus! (they look like tramps, but they ain’t)

2 Then starts the briefing about the topical campaign which is a WAR against the “enemies of Mankind”, that “they” (ie “LaRouche) are the “only ones” to know about it and do something about it… The potential “contact”, because of the “joke” feels safe and unaware he/she is being profiled and targeted. It’s the time to “hit” with an expose of the DANGERS and SERIOUSNESS of the crisis (whatever it is). If impressed by the “analysis” and its solutions from Lyndon LaRouche, then the goal is to get some money contribution and even better his/her contact details to invite him/her to an “important” meeting. At that point his/her status is that of a “contact”.

3 The “contact” is called back to make sure he/she comes to this important meeting (e.g. a “LaRouche Webcast”).

Here, with Gepetto who,
according to LaRouche, is an evil Boomer…

4 At the meeting, along with other “contacts”, he/she will be briefed about the dangers of the present world situation, by some higher-up responsible. The briefing will go into more details of the “crisis”, its imminent dangers and in order to impress even more, give as many historic, psychological, philosophical etc references as possible. The point is to convince the “mark” that the society he/she lives in is HELL, a legacy from your bad parents’ or teacher’s “boomers” generation which is brainwashed by the Medias.

It is crucial to make clear that this unique “analysis” (“revelation”) of today’s dangers come from one man only: LYNDON LAROUCHE. At this point, the “contact” will probably be very WORRIED about all what he/she s heard. BUT, fortunately, this imminent crisis can be overcome if people listen to this genius called LYNDON LAROUCHE who has all the solutions to these “problems” you weren’t even aware of. You will be explained (indirectly) that there is an antidote to this Hell: the LaRouche’s organization (key to “Heaven’s Door”) At that point you will be invited to another meeting, a “cadre school” to be immersed in LaRouche’s Manichean simplistic world-outlook, where LaRouche’ secret method will be revealed to many other youth (this generally takes place in some remote area, sometimes a different country, and lasts several days in a closed environment), and maybe if you’re lucky, to have the privilege to meet Him…

5 After the days-long “cadre school” of intense “discussions” (brainwashing) where you have immersed into this “group thinking” process, listened to the LYM’s Choir (Classical music as a cure to Society’s illnesses), you’re at a dilemma: do you believe all what you’ve heard/seen? Is this Hell where you live? Are they “Heaven”? At that point the “friendly organizers” you met, will trash all these doubts by making you feel GUILTY on how immoral it is NOT to join, now that you know the Truth… That it is “One Minute to Midnight” and therefore there are no reasons to think in terms of “career”, “family”, “holidays” etc… This is “selfish” and “immoral”… especially since you met with LaRouche: NOW you KNOW… and this makes you feel “special”, part of an “Inner Elite” (i.e. “apart from and above” all your peers, friends and family)…

Note: This forced recruitment process by “immersion” could be compared to the “boiling frog” method where:

“… a frog can be boiled alive if the water is heated slowly enough — it is said that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated (up to “boiling point”, note), it will never jump out.” (Source: wikipedia )

Jeremiah Duggan tried to “jump out”…

Pic from:

6 You will be immersed ever more in LaRouche’s literature and world. At that point you will realize it is very hard to reject because, on one hand, you don’t know much about all of this (e.g. Kepler, Riemann, Rohatyn etc). On the other hand, even if you don’t know whether this is the Truth, you are faced with the apparent CONSISTENCY of LaRouche’s world outlook.
If you have existentialist doubts in your life, then LaRouche could be the answer… You would become a “world historical leader” to save this world from catastrophe, potentially a “genius” in the image of God-LaRouche…

7 At that point, your status is now that of a potential full-time member.
It takes now about 3 months of “organizing” (self brainwashing) to complete the process.
When your friends and family don’t recognize or understand you anymore… YOU ‘VE BECOME A LAROUCHIE. (Forget about the tail between your legs. This is a sign you reached the ‘secret of the inner elites‘.

8. You have become a new “LYM” recruit:

(Based on “His Master’s Voice”, 03/15/1908 ARC)

For an ONLINE “Master’s Voice”, consult the “L.I.M.” generator.

YOU CAN ALSO GO BACK TO YOUR NO-FUTURE (1) (IN THIRTY YEARS’ TIME)… as a LaRouche modern-times slave-labor selling newspapers at a card table shrine, a N.I.N.J.A. (NIncome, NJob, no Assets)…

Former member “Miles C.” wrote this letter to Ms Duggan in 2004:

Here is how the cult recruits:

You set up different front groups that espouse some very good idea. We had a science org. called “The Fusion Energy Foundation”. An anti drug org. A political wing which ran candidates. We eventually set up an org. run by LHL’s wife called “The Schiller Institute”. Helga Zepp LaRouche became LHL’ wife in the late 70’s. We set up the group to promote art, music, poetry and other cultural activities. We focused on Friedrich Schiller as the beacon.

But every event and activity was ultimately a ruse to develop support for the LaRouches.

They believed that they alone could save the world. In our 1980’s campaigns we borrowed huge sums of money from supporters, promising to pay it back. It was all a hoax. Money was shifted around, and various people went to jail, including LHL for fraud and tax evasion. Many members left and the cult was dying off. But during the Iraq war, they found that they could go on college campuses and get young people who ask the same questions I asked 30 years ago. And of course, they had the answers.

The people who became close were put through the following:

– Alienation from any connection to your former life. Your family, friends, co workers were criminals because they would not support LaRouche.

– Dismissal of college studies as unimportant. “How can you go to college when the Human race depends on what we do?”. Kids were encouraged to drop out.

– Financial dependence. You were given a limited stipend that left you penniless. You lived with other members in group housing. The longer you were in , the broker you got. And this was after you gave or lent them all your money.

– Emotional dependence. Since you cut off relations with your family and friends, you depended on other members for everything.

– Psychological dependence. Your entire identity was no longer as an Individual, but as a “LaRouche organiser”.

– Physical dependence. Sine you were doing something for LaRouche around the clock, you never had contact with the real world. Every bit of your previous life was attacked. Your hobbies, religion, ethnicity, musical and movie tastes were attacked. Ultimately you adopted an approved list of things that were considered worthy of a LaRouche organiser.

– Intellectual dependence. Since you were in a closed environment, you were only getting news, info and current events from the LaRouche publications. But many people were worked so much, that they never had time to read what they were selling. You also would attack all sorts of public figures, Spokesman, politicians as part of this ever growing conspiracy.

They would build up people in classes they would have older members teach. Eventually the goal was to recruit you. They often did this by having you attend a conference and wooing and impressing you. Out of a conference, if you got a few hard core recruits, you did good.



(1) YEP LaRouche believes in “Time-Reversal”!:

“The introduction of the notion of time-reversal, obliges us to face up to the implied questions: What is the efficient future to be considered? What is the efficient scope of the relevant past?”

From The Essential Role of ‘Time-Reversal’ in Mathematical Economics by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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