Author: Yves Messer.

November 2019.

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Piers and Jeremy Corbyn.


    1. Antisemitism in the UK Labour Party?
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Bizarre “red-brown” relations between the Corbyn brothers Piers and Jeremy with a far-right climate change and Holocaust denier conspirationist anti-Semitic and anti-British racist, homophobic American cult of the (late) Lyndon LaRouche.

These cult adepts (otherwise known as “larouchies”) defend mega infrastructure projects throughout the world such as China’s “Silk Road” and the 1933 “Glass-Steagall Act” (GSA) a landmark banking legislation that separated Wall Street from Main Street (25). That is the bait but the catch is that the LaRouche cult as most cults do, has a radical black-or-white outlook: the enemies of Mankind (and of the LaRouche cult) are not only “Wall Street “ but all those that the “larouchies” consider as opposed to these very projects and reforms: the environmentalists, the homosexuals, the British, the Jews, LaRouche was a holocaust denier, hated Al Gore, Obama or Soros which they label “Nazis”, enemies of Mankind. Satanists or “mass murderers”!


Strangely, then UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn gave in March 2015 an interview at an international conference of LaRouche’s Australian branch of his cult the “Citizens Electoral Council” (CEC). This CEC conference was about supporting China’s “Silk Road” mega infrastructure project and the 1933 “Glass-Steagall Act”.

Corbyn’s interview caused outrage in the U.K. but his brother and climate change denier Piers Corbyn had already given them such an interview back in June 2007!

Here is Piers Corbyn’s interview for LaRouche’s publication “Executive Intelligence Review” (EIR):

`Don’t Bet on Man-Made Origins of Global Warming’

EIR: Yes, there’s been a lot of people who’ve gone through it and found all the misrepresentations. And the global warmers are crying about (Al Gore’s, note) “The Great Global Warming Swindle” over a small error in one little chart, while Al Gore’s film is like Soviet propaganda. That’s what some people have told me, that the film was just put together like Soviet propaganda.

Corbyn: He could change his name to Al Gorebbels.

INTERVIEW: PIERS CORBYN `Don’t Bet on Man-Made Origins of Global Warming’ This interview appears in the June 1, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

This language is very similar to LaRouche’s against Al Gore whom he compares too to… a Nazi!

Eight years later his brother Jeremy gave his interview to that very same far-right cultist organization.

Here are Jeremy Corbyn’s 25 minutes of interview, as broadcast on YouTube and recorded on March 20, 2015, in Westminster, London by Gabrielle Peut, Exec. member of the LaRouche’s Australian “Citizens Electoral Council” (CEC).

Panel 1 – Economic Reform and the BRICS Process: Views from the UK – Jeremy Corbyn MP – Interview on 20 March 2015.

They were hosting 28-29 March 2015 an international conference in Melbourne, under the title “The World Land-Bridge: Peace on Earth, Good Will towards All Men” under the emergence of the BRICS group of nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), coming to counterbalance the Anglo-American-dominated trans-Atlantic system.

Speakers came from around the world and especially from Russia, South Africa, or even from Great Britain! … which is surprising given the known extremely anti-British (and anti-Jewish) stances of LaRouche et al. for decades! British representatives were Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn or Robert Oulds, Director of the Bruges Group, which is a very Eurosceptic (pro-Brexit) think-tank whose honorary president was former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher!

In return for Corbyn’s apparent public support for this LaRouche’s political campaign, LaRouche came to endorse him as leader of the British Labour Party!

Here is an official press release of LaRouche’s dated August 17, 2015:

Prez Candidate O’Malley Urges Glass-Steagall on Nationwide TV; LaRouche Notes Parallel Effort by Jeremy Corbyn in U.K. Election.

On Aug. 14 [2015], American Statesman Lyndon LaRouche emphasized support for Glass-Steagall in his response to an institutional question on whether Jeremy Corbyn was qualified to be the next leader of the British Labour Party. Speaking on LaRouche PAC’s Friday Webcast, EIR Editorial Board member Jeffrey Steinberg conveyed LaRouche’s answer:

“Corbyn has said that one of his first priorities would be a full-blown Glass-Steagall policy for Britain: total bank separation.”

PRESS RELEASE Aug. 17, 2015 (EIRNS).

Corbyn was elected party leader in a landslide victory on 12 September 2015.

How embarrassing could it be to be endorsed by Lyndon LaRouche in the U.K.?

Being American, LaRouche and his cult are more famous or rather infamous in the United States than in the U.K. for their ludicrous conspiracy theories popular in “alt-right” and their vile language, smear campaigns, or hatred, but also for their coded anti-Semitism, their holocaust and climate change denials.

LaRouche however died on February 12, 2019, and here is how most media remembered him:

Often described as an extremist crank and fringe figure, Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. cut a shadowy and alarming path through American politics for half a century. He built a political organization often likened to a cult and ran for president eight times, once while in prison for mail fraud. In recent decades, he operated from a heavily guarded compound near Leesburg, Va.

Mr. LaRouche, who built a worldwide following based on conspiracy theories, economic doom, anti-Semitism, homophobia and racism, died Feb. 12. He was 96. […] Mr. LaRouche drew headlines for his more outrageous claims — that England’s Queen Elizabeth II was a drug trafficker and that the International Monetary Fund created and spread the AIDS virus. He also said the CIA, the KGB and British intelligence officials were plotting to assassinate him, according to a 1985 Washington Post profile that included interviews with followers.

His conspiracy theories included a claim that the International Monetary Fund was “engaged in mass murder” by spreading AIDS through its economic policies, that former secretary of state Henry Kissinger and former vice president Walter Mondale were Soviet “agents of influence” and that the Queen of England was involved in the drug trade. He said former Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos “was opposed to me and he fell as a result.”

LaRouche called for a quarantine of AIDS victims and said most medical warnings about how the disease was spread were lies. He also referred to Zionism as “cult nonsense” and said the Holocaust was “mythical.”

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith once characterized LaRouche’s organization as an anti-Semitic political cult.

The Anti-Defamation League called LaRouche “a longtime anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist” and “leader of a fringe political cult that defies categorization.”

Back in 2002 The Anti-Defamation League even tried to prevent this LaRouche’s “Citizens Electoral Council” from being registered as a party in Australia, filed a complaint to the Australian Electoral Commission but failed.

LaRouche was the man (and his cult) the Corbyn brothers have been giving attention and sometimes credence to when he was still alive. At the time LaRouche shocked many for his campaigns against president Barak Obama using pictures of his face wearing a… Hitler moustache with a “I haven’t changed” caption. Corbyn must have seen them as they were part of LaRouche propaganda at he time of this “Citizens Electoral Council” conference. In this same vein, LaRouche’s propaganda targetted their then favourite “Jewish villain”: George Soros, a Jewish Holocaust Hungarian survivor and philanthropist they accuse of being a… Nazi collaborator! LaRouche produced and published such anti-Soros dossiers internationally since the mid 1990s reaching both alt-right and alt-left networks!

In the UK, LaRouche has been exposed in [[#c6|the case of British Jewish national Jeremiah Duggan’s suspicious death in 2003 in Germany.


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Jeremy Corbyn’s interview at the LaRouche’s conference caused outrage in the U.K. and brought back to the table the “hot potato” of anti-Semitism within the Labour party in the U.K.

Being an elected British MP and therefore a public political figure, giving such an interview to a LaRouche representative (not to a more objective journalist) appears as a form of endorsement. That is at least how the LaRouche political cult considers it.

The “Jewish Chronicle” wrote:

Jeremy Corbyn spoke by video at a meeting held earlier this year by a group fronting for the far-right LaRouche organisation, it has emerged.

The frontrunner in the Labour leadership race addressed the annual conference of the CEC aka “Citizens Electoral Council” (CEC) in Melbourne, Australia in April.

It was held under the auspices of the Schiller Institute, an international thinktank connected to the extremist LaRouche movement, headed by American Lyndon LaRouche, a convicted fraudster.

Jeremy Corbyn addressed LaRouche front organisation – August 20, 2015, the Jewish Chronicle.

The “International Business Times” wrote:

Jeremy Corbyn appeared in March 2015 at a conference run by two conspiracy-peddling organisations with close ties to the controversial LaRouche Movement, which its critics accuse of anti-Semitism and describe as a shadowy far-right cult.

Jeremy Corbyn and LaRouche Movement: Labour leadership frontrunner appeared at conference backed by “anti-Semitic cult”. By Shane Croucher, Tom Porter, The International Business Times UK. Updated August 21, 2015.

The “Daily Mail” wrote:

Articles written by LaRouche, now 92, in the 1970s claim that ‘the Nazis did not kill six million Jews’ and say that the ‘Zionist lobby is the most visible of the internal enemies of the United States.’

More recently, he has linked the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad to the 9/11 attacks, claimed that Monica Lewinsky was an ‘agent of the Israeli government’, and blamed the Iraq war on ‘Jewish financiers’ influence on the US government. LaRouche – who has run in eight US presidential elections – also makes ludicrous claims that the Queen is behind global drug trafficking and was involved in the death of Princess Diana. […] CEC’s own website contains articles such as ‘British Oligarchy planning new 9/11 to trigger World War III’ and ‘MI6 disinformation division conjures new ‘evidence’ for anniversary of MH17′.

In an article posted last year the group warns that the world is ‘on the brink of thermonuclear war’ which will be initiated ‘by an Anglo-American alliance directed by a British Crown intent on securing permanent world rule by London and Wall Street.’

Revealed: Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn spoke at meeting of a group allied to American ‘neo Nazis’. By Tamara Cohen for Daily Mail. Published: 20 August 2015.

Antisemitism in the UK Labour Party?

There have been many news reports and allegations that the British Labour Party has a problem with anti-Semitism after its leadership has been taken over by Jeremy Corbyn in 2015. Of course, its members deny this… until some important of its Jewish leadership resigned on these very grounds. Should they be called liars?

Labour antisemitism row: public figures say they cannot vote for party under CorbynThe Guardian, Rowena Mason and Frances Perraudin, 14 Nov 2019.

Antisemitism in the UK Labour Party? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party of the United Kingdom (UK) have been made since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader of the party in September 2015. […]

After comments by Naz Shah in 2014 and Ken Livingstone in 2016 resulted in their suspension from membership pending investigation, Corbyn established the Chakrabarti Inquiry in April 2016. Shami Chakrabarti is a British barrister and a Labour Party politician who was the director of “Liberty”, an advocacy group which promotes civil liberties and human rights.

Her “Inquiry” concluded that the Labour Party was not “overrun by anti-Semitism or other forms of racism”, although there was an “occasionally toxic atmosphere” and “clear evidence of ignorant attitudes”.

But since Chakrabarti was the only Labour appointment to the House of Lords in August 2016, some Labour MPs said it undermined the credibility of the antisemitism inquiry she led.

Mason, Rowena (4 August 2016). “Corbyn’s offer of peerage to Shami Chakrabarti causes Labour tensions“, The Guardian.

Polls: Despite mixed opinions on Brexit, 93% of UK Jews won’t vote for Labour. By Robert Philpot, The Times Of Israel, 31 October 2019.

This, however, proved simply the prelude to the rupture in relations between Jews and the Labour Party which has occurred since Corbyn’s election as Labour leader in the wake of its 2015 defeat. Corbyn — a veteran anti-Israel activist — has seen the party rocked by multiple allegations of anti-Semitism, and Jewish support for the party has consequently plummeted. […] Last September, for instance, it was reported that nearly 40% of British Jews would “seriously consider emigrating” if Corbyn became prime minister. In March, a survey revealed that 87% of Jews view Corbyn as anti-Semitic (compared to just 1% for T. May). […] While the Jewish population is small, anti-Semitism in the Labour Party does appear to be registering among the wider electorate. Polling carried out in April found that more than half of all voters — including almost a third of those who backed Labour in 2017 — believe Corbyn’s failure to address the issue of Jew-hatred shows that he is not fit to be prime minister.


In 2019 Jewish labour MPs Dame Margaret Hodge, Luciana Berger and Dame Louise Ellman resigned as a result of this “toxic atmosphere”.

Resigning MP claims Corbyn has failed to tackle Labour antisemitism Dame Louise Ellman says prospect of leader becoming PM prompted her exit. In a caustic resignation letter Ellman accused Corbyn of failing to tackle antisemitism.

As the “Chakrabarti Inquiry” was not credible enough the “Equalities and human rights commission” opened a new investigation into the Labour Party following complaints about anti-Semitism:

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is today launching a formal investigation to determine whether The Labour Party has unlawfully discriminated against, harassed or victimised people because they are Jewish.

We are pleased that the Labour Party has committed to co-operate fully with this investigation.

Investigation opened into The Labour Party following complaints about anti-Semitism. Published: 28 May 2019.


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[Jeremy] Corbyn did not respond to IBTimes UK’s emailed request for comment. But a member of his campaign team later told the Daily Mail:

Jeremy Corbyn is very concerned about the associations between the Australian Citizens Electoral Council and the LaRouche movement. He was of course completely unaware of these links at the time of his interview, which focused on banking regulation.

Revealed: Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn spoke at meeting of a group allied to American ‘neo Nazis’. By Tamara Cohen for Daily Mail. Published: 20 August 2015.

Jeremy Corbyn cannot pretend he did not know who they really are behind their “big economic projects” or their defense of “Glass-Steagal”. The information is public and is been available for decades. In this day of age and thanks to the internet, not knowing is a decision.

By meeting them publicly from his office at Westminster, it can be considered, being the political leader he is, as a form of endorsement since this interview was not conducted by a journalist but by one of LaRouche’s own representatives.

But this is not the first time that Jeremy Corbyn “did not know”… Here is the case of Holocaust denier Paul Eisen. Jeremy Corbyn is a patron of the “Palestinian Solidarity Campaign”, an activist organization in England and Wales that promotes solidarity with the Palestinian people (4) and had campaigned extensively for Palestinian rights during his 30+ years as a backbencher.

In August 2015, as Jeremy Corbyn emerged as the front-runner in the Labour Party leadership election, the ”Jewish Chronicle” devoted its front page to seven questions regarding Corbyn’s associations with those it described as “Holocaust deniers, terrorists, and some outright antisemites”, although Corbyn said he met with them in his search for peace in the Middle East… Two of the questions related to “Deir Yassin Remembered”, an organization commemorating the massacre of over 100 Palestinian villagers in 1948 and founded by Holocaust denier Paul Eisen. (5)

A ”Telegraph” investigation shows DYR (“Deir Yassin Remembered”) was riddled with prominent Holocaust deniers that included its founder Paul Eisen as well as Gill Kaffash, a former Labour councilor, who knew Corbyn for many years; Gilad Atzmon, a notorious Holocaust revisionist; and Francis Clarke-Lowe, who was chairman of a pro-Palestinian group of which Mr. Corbyn is patron.

In a 2005 essay, Mr. Eisen detailed his support for a jailed German Holocaust denier (8); “rehumanized” Adolf Hitler, and insisted being a Holocaust denier was an “entirely honourable thing”. This German Holocaust denier was Ernst Zundel (1939 – 2017).

Eisen’s claims prompted a number of DYR directors to withdraw from the group. In 2007, the “Palestine Solidarity Campaign” (PSC) cut its links with DYR over its anti-Semitism although Mr. Corbyn, himself a patron of PSC, attended at least one further event in 2013 organized by Mr. Eisen and Mrs. Kaffash. (7)

“Fifteen years ago [Eisen] was not a Holocaust denier,” said the Labour leadership frontrunner. “Had he been a Holocaust denier, I would have had absolutely nothing to do with him. I was moved by the plight of people who had lost their village in Deir Yassin.”

Corbyn said: “Holocaust denial is vile and wrong. The Holocaust was the most vile part of our history. The Jewish people killed by the Nazi Holocaust were the people who suffered the most in the 20th century.”

He said he regretted giving any money if Eisen was a Holocaust denier at the time. (6)

Fair enough, Jeremy Corbyn did not know. His comments were done in August 2015. In March of that year, he had given an interview to LaRouche’s CEC fascist and holocaust denial anti-Semitic cult.

Surprisingly (or not) the “Eisen case” is closer to the “LaRouche case” than suspected. What transpires in Paul Eisen’s own writings is that he clearly is a follower and supporter of German Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. Zundel emigrated to Canada in 1958. He was convicted twice in Canadian courts, in 1985 and 1988, of publishing hate literature. After his extradition to Germany in 2005, a court in Mannheim sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment in 2007. ‘” (18)

In 1984 the Canadian government charges Zundel with “knowingly publishing false news that caused or was likely to cause damage to social or racial tolerance.” by publishing and distributing antisemitic literature. He is tried and convicted, but the ruling is overturned. In 1988, Zundel is convicted and sentenced to nine months in jail. Some of the biggest names in Holocaust denial, including Robert Faurisson, David Irving, Bradley Smith, and Ditlieb Felderer had testified during the trial. In 2007, Zundel, having been deported to Germany by Canada, is convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for inciting hatred. (17)

So in 2008, Paul Eisen published an essay on his website entitled “My Life as a Holocaust Denier” where he defends Zundel and stated:

In December 2004 I completed my essay “The Holocaust Wars.” and the final piece of a trilogy beginning with “Speaking the Truth to Jews” and followed by “Jewish Power”.

My Life as a Holocaust Denier. By Paul Eisen, January 2008.

Paul Eisen was thus part of an international campaign of holocaust deniers to defend Zundel and portray him as a victim!

Enters the “LaRouche case”…

Across the pond and a few years earlier, the American holocaust deniers lobby, the Willis Carto’s “Institute for Historical Review” (IHR) defended Zundel in 2003:

For more than six months now, Ernst Zundel has been held without charge in solitary confinement in Canada on the pretext that he is a threat to national security. In fact, this 64-year-old German-born writer, publisher and civil rights activist is a political prisoner and a victim of great injustice.

Who is this man, and why is his case important? […]

Zundel is probably best known for his central role in the “Holocaust Trials” of 1985 and 1988. He was brought to court in Toronto on a charge of “publishing false news,” and specifically for publishing a reprint edition of a booklet entitled “Did Six Million Really Die?”.

Who Is Ernst Zundel, And Why Is He In Jail? By Mark Weber, Mark Weber, director of the “Institute for Historical Review” (IHR). September 2003.

Willis Carto founded the “Institute for Historical Review” (IHR) in 1978-79 but was more infamous for founding in 1955 the “Liberty Lobby”. Its publishing arm “Noontide Press” published in 1969 “The Myth of the Six Million” book. Apparently written by David Leslie Hoggan, it accuses Jews of using the Holocaust to discredit the German nation and its attempts to maintain national identity and racial purity. (6)

The Anti-Defamation League refers to the “Liberty Lobby“ as the most influential right-wing extremist propaganda organization in the United States. LaRouche established contacts with Willis Carto’s “Liberty Lobby” and elements of the Ku Klux Klan in 1974. (21)


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For LaRouche:

  • There were no “extermination camps”: LaRouche always spoke only of “slave-labor” or “concentration” camps, and that Nazism or fascism were a mere “economic” consequence of “Schachtian austerity”.
  • According to LaRouche “only 1.5 million Jews” died in such “slave-labor concentration camps”. For him the “six million” was a Zionist myth! He wrote:

The impassioned sophistry which the Zionist demagogue offers to all foolish enough to be impressed with such hoaxes as the “holocaust” thesis: […] in memory of the “six million.”

This is worse than sophistry. It is a lie. True, about a million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive “appropriate technology” for the employment of “inferior races,” a small fraction of the tens of millions of others, especially Slavs, who were murdered in the same way that Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn and others of his ilk propose to revive today.

“Zionism is not Judaism” (LaRouche publication) The Campaigner, Dec 1978, pp. 2-3.

This “1.5 million” figure that LaRouche used came from a short book published in 1969 by American neo-Nazi Willis Carto’s “Liberty Lobby”and called “The Myth of the Six Million” by David Hoggan. It is the only book giving that specific figure. This definitely proves and confirms that LaRouche was associated and propagating such Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic propaganda.

On LaRouche’s association with the neo Nazi “Liberty lobby”; Dennis King, American author of “Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism” wrote:

Carto, founder of the “Liberty Lobby”, was by far the most successful and influential American anti-Semite of the 1970s. He was an intellectual disciple of the late Francis Parker Yockey, who roamed Europe and North America in the 1950s futilely attempting to build an underground movement. […] But Carto, although devoted to Yockey’s ideas, had no illusions about Yockey’s tactics. Instead on engaging in inept conspiracies, he concentrated on building a political movement and developed a populist cover ideology. Although he discreetly sold ‘Mein Kampf’ and ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ by mail, he publicly denied being either a Nazi or an anti-Semite – he was merely ‘anti-Zionist.’

Carto defended Hitler’s heritage, not by saying the Holocaust had been a good thing, but by denying that it ever took place. He founded the “Institute for Historical Review” to prove that the alleged murder of six million Jews was a hoax invented by Zionists to make people feel sorry for them. […]

Carto’s “Liberty Lobby” […] published a weekly tabloid, ‘The Spotlight,’ which by 1979 enjoyed a paid circulation of almost 200,000. Its articles championed income-tax rebels, protested the plight of family farmers, and promoted quack cancer cures such as laetrile. Its favorite political targets included the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Henry Kissenger, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the ‘Zionist entity’ in Palestine.

As early as 1975, Carto chatted frequently with Scott Thompson, and LaRouche himself visited “Liberty Lobby” headquarters to meet with Colonel Dall. A multileveled collaboration soon developed between the two organizations. They shared intelligence on various targets, including William F. Buckley and Resorts International. ‘The Spotlight’ published articles by Thompson and other [LaRouche’s] NCLC members writing under pen names. It also sold LaRouchian tracts through its mail-order service. […] A 1976 ‘Spotlight’ review of an NCLC report on terrorism complained that the NCLC still failed to recognize the role of the Jewish bankers. LaRouche received the message loud and clear. A wave of articles in [LaRouche’s] ‘New Solidarity’ blamed the Rothschilds and other Jewish bankers for a wide range of crimes, including the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. A 1977 piece by LaRouche admitted the “Liberty Lobby” had been ahead of the NCLC in identifying the main enemy, (LaRouche subsequently met with Carto in Wiesbaden. Questioned about this meeting during a 1984 disposition, LaRouche recalled that they had discussed ‘the Jewish question’ as well as the ‘abomination’ of American’s postwar occupation of Germany.)”

Dennis King, American author of “Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism” (1989). , Chapter Six – The Jewish Question


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The LaRouche cult is not just about Holocaust denial, it also is about climate change denial.

Jeremy Corbyn was not the first in his family or friends to be associated to the LaRouche cult; his brother Piers, a climate change denier was there long before.

Piers Corbyn was a member of the Labour Party but since he was opposed to Tony Blair’s politics he left in 2002. Following some years of weather prediction as an occupation, he formed a business, WeatherActionin 1995. It is the business through which Piers Corbyn sells his predictions.

Piers Corbyn’s denial of current global warming has tended to find him more favour in right-wing Conservative and far right conspiracy circles such as LaRouche’s or Alex Jones’ and appeared to have become a D. Trump supporter!

In August 2015, Piers Corbyn supported his brother Jeremy’s campaign in Labour Party leadership election. However and not too surprisingly Piers’ attempt to rejoin the Labour Party in January 2017 was blocked. (13)

His “climate expertise” was sort acknowledged when featured in a March 2007 British TV UK Channel 4 documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” which was a riposte to “An Inconvenient Truth” a 2006 American concert film/documentary film about former United States Vice President Al Gore’s campaign to educate people about global warming.

The larouchies noticed him and had therefore in 2007 these positive comments about Piers Corbyn’s anti-climate change stance (despite the fact they are fanatically anti-British!):

May 31 (LPAC)–British astrophysist Piers Corbyn, who was featured in the British Channel 4 documentary, “The Great Global Warming Swindle,” wrote a letter to the editor, published in the London Times Higher Education Supplement of May 25. Corbyn was writing in response to an earlier article by former Royal Society media spokesman Bob Wthen ard, who had warned universities to beware of “fame-seeking climate denialists.”

Piers Corbyn replied that the global warmers would rather not face the inconvenient truth that solar cycles determine climate. They associate questioners of their creed “lurking” in universities with “holocaust denial.” They intimidate scientists into silence through fear of attack, of loss of funding, or of “Nuremburg-style climate courts.”

Corbyn writes that these attacks on climate sceptics are McCarthyism, and that the attackers have adopted measures that were used earlier by Hitler and Stalin.

Climate Mafia Charged with McCarthyism. LAROUCHEPAC, 31 may 2007.

In the June 1, 2007 issue of LaRouche’s “Executive Intelligence Review,” Piers Corbyn gave an interview on climate change entitled “Don’t Bet on Man-Made Origins of Global Warming” taking on Al Gore’s documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” and calling it “ Soviet propaganda” and Al Gore as Al Gorebbels! (9)

A scientifically reviewed complaint to Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, regarding “The Great Global Warming Swindle” noted that :

”The Great Global Warming Swindle” presented the thesis that the science of anthropogenic global warming is wholly incorrect, and is perpetuated to serve anti-capitalist and anti-growth environmentalist interests. As detailed by this complaint, this was done by displaying erroneous or artificially manipulated graphs, and presenting incorrect, misleading, or incomplete opinions and facts on the science of global warming and the related economics. It seems from the format and tone of the programme that its objective was to sway public opinion on global warming science – and to oppose action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Complaint to Ofcom Regarding “The Great Global Warming Swindle”.

He was introduced as ‘Dr Piers Corbyn, Climate Forecaster’ despite not having a doctorate nor any qualification specifically in climate science or environmental science.

LaRouche and Piers Corbyn: climate change’s “no CO 2 effect”

The larouchies wrote:

April 22, 2019 (EIRNS)—Dr. Piers Corbyn, an astrophysicist and founder of Weather Action Long Range Forecasters, who has long countered the climate change hoax (and who gave an interview to EIR in the June 1, 2007 issue) is the brother of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. The insanity of the “Extinction Rebellion” over the past week, disrupting London traffic, has provoked him to speak out. According to London’s Daily Express, Corbyn demonstrated against the protesters, describing: “Corbyn, 72, held a banner in the capital which stated ‘CO‘_2_’ levels are effect, not cause,’ and ‘Global Warming is a hoax to hike up energy prices,’ along with the hashtag ‘#Coverup #Climategatefraud.’ ” Asked what he thought of the Extinction Rebellion action, he responded: “I think it was deranged.”

He further told the daily, “Global warming is over and it never was anything to do with CO2 — CO2 is still rising but the world is now cooling and will continue to do so.”

Jeremy Corbyn’s Brother Piers Corbyn Rips ‘Deranged’ Climate Fanatics. EIR.

But disagreeing with the general consensus of the scientific community on climate change is not a crime. We all have the right to be wrong. But in LaRouche’s cult there is no “midway”; it is “either black or white” and here is what the larouchies really think of those scientists or activists who consider “climate change” is real and call for a CO2 reduction policy: the larouchies call this Nazi, “genocidal” and Satanic a policy designed by Wall Street and the City of London!

Calling those who agree with climate change climate fanatics and deranged. Who’s fanatic and deranged?

In August 2015 the larouchies published their report “Global Warming’ Scare Is Population Reduction, Not Science”.

Defend Mankind from the Satanic Climate-Change Swindle by Helga Zepp-LaRouche:

Exactly 70 years after the end of the Nazi dictatorship, preparations are underway— largely unnoticed or misinterpreted by unsuspecting contemporaries—for the establishment of a fascist world government which would exceed Hitler’s most audacious dreams. In place of the discredited doctrine of eugenics, which provided the pretense then for the elimination of so-called “inferior races,” today it is the swindle of alleged anthropogenic climate change which supplies the argumentation to establish a global eco-dictatorship whose results, and whose declared intention is to eliminate six billion human beings—if it is not stopped.

‘Global Warming’ Scare Is Population Reduction, Not Science. EIR, August 2015 PDF.

Sept. 22, 2019 (EIRNS)—EIR has released a Special report titled ‘CO2 Reduction’ Is a Mass Murder Policy: Designed by Wall Street and the City of London. The dossier, which includes Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s “International Call to Youth: The Age of Reason Is in the Stars!” is intended for mass publication and circulation to provide full exposure of the “green finance” mobilization of a virtual new Children’s Crusade in the service of drastic reduction of human population.

EIR Releases Special Report: “‘CO Reduction’ Is a Mass Murder Policy”. EIR Sept. 22, 2019.

Larouchies had still this positive hopeful comment about Jeremy and Piers Corbyn (April 22, 2019):

Jeremy Corbyn, who is reliably reported to EIR to be in agreement with his brother, has tried to balance that truth with the climate fanatics within the Labour Party. He was reported today to be one of the people scheduled to meet with the abused teen campaigner for climate change, Greta Thunberg.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Brother Piers Corbyn Rips ‘Deranged’ Climate Fanatics. EIR.

It appears that Jeremy does not agree with climate change denial (“fanatics”) and his brother…

The “Financial Times” wrote about Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on climate change:

In 2015 the three main parties signed a joint pledge to work to hold temperature rises below 2C. […] Now Labour and the left are becoming more radical. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal in the US, they see both a need and an electoral advantage in pressing for more dramatic action. It comes with risks. The UK has so far avoided the partisan polarisation which has led some rightwing parties to push back against the urgency of the climate crisis. Whatever his other failings, Boris Johnson has resisted the Trumpian stance of a scepticism verging on denial.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is breaking the cosy consensus on climate change. By Robert Shrimsley. Financial Times, September 23 2019.

But aside from climate change, Piers Corbyn’s Twitter tweets sound very close to many of LaRouche’s pro-Trump stances with sometimes a similar rhetoric against Soros, Al Gore, and Obama.

Some critics such as Lee Kern have noted:

This article will show that despite self-identifying as being an anti-racist on the Labour left, Piers Corbyn:

* Uses the same rhetoric employed by Neo-Nazis and the far-right

* Uses antisemitic tropes

* Espouses conspiracy theories that overlap with those held by white supremacists – including Robert Bowers – the gun-man who shot to death eleven elderly Jews praying in a synagogue in Pittsburgh

* Is a friend, colleague and frequent contributor to an online show run by Mark Windows – a conspiracy theorist who spreads Nazi-style biological racism against Jews

* Threatened this writer with legal action in a bid to intimidate him into silence and stop him from highlighting his use of antisemitic rhetoric

Jeremy Corbyn’s Brother Spreads Neo-Nazi Conspiracies – 26 November 2018 by Lee Kern.

More of Piers’ ”eccentric” stances and comments:

Piers Corbyn: “BBC Are Globalist Soros Nazi EU 4th Reich Fake News Filth” from Piers Corbyn Archives – Guido Fawkes Guido Fawkes.


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Jeremiah Duggan (November 10, 1980 – March 27, 2003. … found dead a few 100 yards away from LaRouche’s European HQs in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Twenty-two-year-old British Jew national Jeremiah Duggan was found dead on a motorway in Wiesbaden in 2003, having earlier attended a meeting of the Schiller Institute, believing it to be holding an anti-war conference.

This suspicious death is a well-known case in the U.K. and has been covered by all major British media and examined in English Courts.

LaRouche and his adepts are both fanatically anti-British and anti-Jewish.

BBC Press conference London – 03/27/2007

In reaction to Jeremy Corbyn’s relation to this anti-Semitic fascist cult of LaRouche, the British press commented then:

Erica Duggan campaigns against the LaRouche Movement, which her son Jeremiah became a part of and she believes is implicated in his mysterious 2003 death in Germany. It had been recorded by German officials as suicide and a court refused Duggan a judicial review. But in May 2015, a UK coroner ruled that her son’s death was not a suicide and that he may have been targeted by members of the LaRouche Movement because he was a British Jew.

””The fact that Jeremy Corbyn shared a platform and had any dealings at all with the CEC in Australia proves that to my mind he is not to be trusted,”” Duggan, whose group is called Justice for Jeremiah, told IBTimes UK. ””Anyone who can have dealings with a political party that is a smokescreen for a highly dangerous political cult that incites hatred against British people, the Crown and Jewish people, that has stated that they are at war with the British state is sowing the seeds of violence to be engendered against us.”

””Not only can in my view Jeremy Corbyn be therefore unfit to be a leader of any party but he should be severely rebuked by the Labour party for his past act of collaboration with such a dangerous group. Jeremy Corbyn’s act to participate in a conference organised by the CEC in Australia is to give sanction to a dangerous network and shows me that he is prepared to risk not only the safety of British people but the safety of many other people in the world.”” Matthew Feldman is an expert on far-right ideology and professor in contemporary history at Teeside University. […] “Few groups are willing to be public with their anti-Semitism, so what we find is a code, and the use of such terms as ‘international financiers’, ‘Zionists’ or even more vague terms, such as ‘special interests,'” Feldman said.

He added that Lyndon LaRouche openly expressed anti-Semitic conspiracy theories earlier in his political career: “You need to go back to LaRouche in the 1970s when he is much more overt about these things, much more overt about Holocaust revisionism, about various forms of anti-Semitism and his connections with the far right were at that point well-established.”

Jeremy Corbyn and LaRouche Movement: Labour leadership frontrunner appeared at conference backed by “anti-Semitic cult”. By Shane Croucher, Tom Porter, The International Business Times UK. Updated August 21, 2015.

The “Daily Mail” wrote:

Mr. Duggan who thought he was attending a movement to campaign against the Iraq War was apparently distressed by the anti-Semitic rhetoric he heard at the conference and told them he was Jewish. […] Mrs. Duggan, who is still campaigning through the group Justice for Jeremiah told the International Business Times: ‘The fact that Jeremy Corbyn shared a platform and had any dealings at all with the CEC in Australia proves that to my mind he is not to be trusted.

””Not only can in my view Jeremy Corbyn be therefore unfit to be a leader of any party but he should be severely rebuked by the Labour party for his past act of collaboration with such a dangerous group.’ She said the group was ‘a smokescreen for a highly dangerous political cult that incites hatred against British people, the Crown and Jewish people.’

Revealed: Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn spoke at meeting of a group allied to American ‘neo Nazis’. By Tamara Cohen for Daily Mail. Published: 20 August 2015.

Dennis King, American author of “Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism” (1989) (23) commented on 29 June 2016:


When I first read about UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s electronic participation (prior to his being chosen as Labour’s leader) in a LaRouche conference last year, I found it hard to believe that Corbyn didn’t know who he was dealing with– LaRouche was and is pretty notorious in the UK, thanks to the work of the Justice for Jeremiah organization and the many UK journalists who have followed the story of Jeremiah Duggan’s murder. I asked myself: Would a major figure in the British Labour Party really be so careless about lending his name and reputation to easily identifiable ultra-extremists?

Although the media slammed Corbyn on this, he has yet to disassociate himself from LaRouche. Apparently, LaRouche’s call for restoring Glass-Steagall (a U.S. banking reform measure) was enough to cancel out LaRouche’s Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, history of support for death squads, and all the evidence of LaRouche’s neo-fascism that Corbyn or his aides could have found on the web very rapidly.

At the time, I took all this as yet another example–relatively minor but nonetheless disgusting–of the Red-Brown convergence that is found all over the world, with anti-Zionism, conspiracism and a single-minded focus on the misdeeds of bankers being the attractor that brings together the far right and much of the far left, with the far right being the main beneficiary thanks to its skillful use of code language and dog-whistle politics to make its extremism palatable.

But now we see a very BIG example in Corbyn’s treacherous failure to rally the Labour Party against Brexit, in spite of the blatant and at times relentless bigotry that infected the pro-Brexit campaign (for instance UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage’s warning of the cultural “nuclear bomb” of migrant men engaging in mass rape of UK women).

Corbyn’s failure helped to bring about a huge disaster for the UK which may lead to its dismemberment and certainly has and will cause major economic upheaval around the world. Also, in doing so, he has given aid and comfort to the organized forces of racism and ethno-nationalism in the UK, the U.S. and throughout Europe.

Certainly the exit vote has proven a boost in the short run for the UKIP– I watched on cable, with disgust, the “victory” speech of Farage, sounding for all the world like the new Oswald Mosley. I keep reading news items about how Marine Le Pen of France’s National Front is rising towards power (on June 28, the New York Times published in translation a sinister but brilliant attempt by her to use the Brexit victory to rally the far right throughout Europe). Finally, the Brexit victory has provided a boost in the U.S. for the Republican Party’s proto-fascist Trump movement and possibly for the dead-enders of the Bernie Sanders movement who regard Trump’s “populism” as preferable to the “lesser evil” of Hillary.

Jeremy Corbyn’s sly and shameful sabotaging of the “Remain” forces in the June 23 referendum is a symptom of the ideological decomposition (in some cases, putrefaction) of the international left and the gradual but inexorable movement of much of the left into the orbit of the beyond-conservative right. In this case, as in so many others, the LaRouche movement’s ability to attract a certain type of leftist is the canary in the coal mine. Corbyn should be honest for once, and go join Farage’s party. Certainly the Labour Party, if it wants to keep its influence in UK electoral politics, should remove Corbyn as its Leader.

Dame Ellman was also a supporter of the Justice for Jeremiah campaign.


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