The “LaRouche Youth Movement” (LYM)

Vladimir Lenin was quoted as saying: “Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever”.

“Only we can save the world; only we can do the job, because nobody else even knows what the job is. Would you like to be the savior of humanity? … Yes, I was chosen. You were chosen. Not with fanfare, not with the blaring trumpets of archangel Gabriel. It doesn’t happen that way. It happens as you walk down the street thinking about the problems of the world and realize only you can do the job … You are chosen. Like John Scialdone’s lawyer said to the jury: ‘You poor schmucks’! … Look around you. Who will support us? Who will rally to us? The ones who will rally to us are the emotionally crippled, the grey-faced, the neurologically impaired who, in rallying to us will do the only worthy thing to give meaning to their lives. Thus they will be able to say, ‘I wasn’t important but I contributed to victory’.”
From: Daily Briefing- Dec. 20, 1987.

The “Children of LaRouche”. . .

. . . against the “Children of Satan”!

(welcome to Kindergarten)

LaRouche explains his Youth Movement (LYM) is fighting against SATAN:

“It is relevant to that general picture of the slide into decadence, that there is more than some little evidence, that SATAN fears those who do as I do. He whispers to the person he has selected as his next dupe, pointing the accusing finger against me: “He is trying to change you!”

To that, the credulous dupe, looking SATAN in the eye, asks, credulously: “Is that what he is doing?”

SATAN nods a knowing nod.

The dupe’s eyes widen. Anger seeps into his facial expression. “Then, he is really a very bad guy!” the dupe exclaims.

“Yes, he is a very bad guy,” SATAN affirms, indulgently, as he touches the dupe’s sleeve lightly with his own little finger; “perhaps somebody should do something about him.” The dupe’s expression darkens. “Really?”

To do what must be done at the risk of that SATAN’s—and the Venetian financier oligarch’s—displeasure, is to be a true teacher, a true leader. That such leaders might arise from the ranks of today’s young adult youth, is my intention for the impact of the LYM upon our imperiled civilization of today.”

“‘BoBos as a No-Future Generation’, The Present Dark Age In Education” by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., EIR, November 11, 2005 at

The encounter with a LYM member is like an “encounter of the Third kind” experience… They, indeed, come from another planet; the LaRouche planet…

But where does this “LYM” come from?

Investigative journalist Avi Klein explained it well :

“When LaRouche emerged from jail in 1994, he perceived that his influence among his founding followers was waning. For one thing, his activist power had declined, as his aging members no longer wanted to do menial organizing work. The organization’s finances were deteriorating as a result of his notoriety and parole conditions, which stipulated that ethical lapses in any LaRouche entity would cause his parole to be revoked.”

“To LaRouche, however, the group’s gravest problem was that it no longer distributed his literature very effectively. In 1999, when the conditions on his parole were lifted, he devised a bold plan: a new youth movement that would fan out to major cities and college campuses around the country, pushing LaRouche publications and reestablishing him as a major player on the national scene.” (from Publish and Perish).

In 1989, LaRouche was sent to jail because he stole $ million from the elderly. In 1994, then aged 72, he came back with a vengeance… and a “retirement plan”: the LYM.

Some former members speak out:

chator Says:
May 24th, 2010 at 10:08 am

I was at the L.A. office in the late 90s. From about ’97 to 2000, what Thomas Rooney says is accurate. He was one of the two founders of LYM, the other was Amie Acheson, but all the credit went to Phil and Harley [Schlanger, note] because they ran the local. Phil was the actual head of the L.A. office, and Harley was the Regional head. But Amie pushed for campus organizing to get younger recruits when everyone else thought it was a bad idea. And Tom gave the first weekly classes at the L.A. office aimed at recruiting youth met on campuses. That winning combination, campus organizing and cadre classes at the L.A. office was the birth of LYM.



The LYM being his “retirement plan”, LaRouche’s new “internal enemies” are now those older, exhausted with poor health members who helped him build his organization but are a threat to his much needed “retirement plan” he is not prepared to share with: the “boomers“… LaRouche has commented on health insurance that no one under 40 needs it which explains why you have the LYM and why you see old members purged…

With this new “LYM phase”, there will be casualties, real casualties as his last crimes against society. See the tragedies of KEN KRONBERG and JEREMIAH DUGGAN.

The tactic and method behind the creation of this LYM (not so new, there was his RYM antecedent) were comparable to Mao Zedong’s “Cultural Revolution”‘s when creating his Red Guards’ Youth movement (a cult of personality) as a tool to control his rivals (aka “old guard”). See LaRouche and China.

This is why LaRouche launched his “LYM” in 1999-2000 after his “parole” was lifted. It has nothing to do with “fighting Satan” (quite the opposite)…

Recruitment Process


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1. “‘BoBos as a No-Future Generation’, The Present Dark Age In Education” by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., EIR, November 11, 2005 at
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