In Larouche’s mind “It’s a WAR”–that is, there will be casualties…

  • No Joke By April Witt – October 24, 2004. Washington Post.
Jeremiah Duggan (November 10, 1980 – March 27, 2003)Kenneth Kronberg (April 18, 1948 – April 11, 2007)
… found dead a few 100 yards away from LaRouche’s European HQs in Wiesbaden, Germany.… found dead a few miles away from LaRouche’s American HQs in Leesburg, Va.
BBC Press conference London – 03/27/2007- From Youtube Photo by Lisa Johnson, copyright 2007 Loudon Times-Mirror, all rights reserved. From 


It is called the “Ibykus principle,” when, as even Shakespeare said in Hamlet, “Murder, though it have no tongue, will speak.” History delivers poetic justice, and as Truth appears, no more weapon than Truth itself, will render to the memories of such criminals, the dramatic justice of which Shakespeare and Schiller wrote.Cranes of Ibykus (Ibacus)  from eaglebeak at
Source: Poems and Ballads by Friedrich Schiller at schillerinstitute.orgCranes of Ibykus II  from eaglebeak at
LaRouche’s property was called “Ibykus Farm”…